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This page will contain updates regarding student achievements and available opportunities within the Careers and Vocational, Education and Training departments. If you have any questions regarding any of the information found on this page or about the programs please make contact with either Clara Aleckson (Careers Coordinator) or Luke Stanley (VET Coordinator).

2017 Semester One:

Redcliffe Hospital (Year 10)

Six Year 10 students went to Redcliffe Hospital and experienceda two-day conference on the 18th and 19th May. This event was designed to showcase all of the career pathways in medicine such as Operations, Medical Imaging, Dietary, Physio, Speech, Oral Health and many more. A career in the Health Industry is more than just Nursing & Medical. The students came back with so much information and a greater understanding of how diverse the medical world really can be.

The Lakes College 2017 Careers Expo (Year 9-12)

The annual Lakes College careers expo was on Wednesday 17th May from 9am – 12.30pm. There was just over 150 students ranging from Year 9-12 enter the expo throughout the day. Students had the opportunity to speak one on one with representatives from institutions and discuss pre-requisites, opportunities and their future. There were a variety of institutions, companies and colleges with stalls to allow students a holistic understanding of their future. These included – QUT, TAFE, Defence Force recruiting, Cromwell College, St Margaret’s College, Griffith University, YouUnlimited, USC, ACU, Bond and CQU. We are very excited to team with these companies to provide your children with the chance to gain knowledge and explore their options.

$20 Boss

Each student in Year 11 and 12 is given $20 by the NAB to teach them about business and entrepreneurship. Students take this money, are placed and teams and have a term to try and turn this $20 into something more. The program is designed to develop 21st century skills and hep students prepare for the world beyond Secondary school. Learning the stresses of balancing study, extra-curricular and making money, whilst improving their budgeting, team-work and sales skills some group turned a profit.

Ideas included a Primary school carnival, a Secondary College girls night in and a state of Origin night, amongst many others. Each group had to pay $21 back to the NAB, as well as have their profit taxed (30c to the dollar) learning about company tax. The tax was donated to the grades chosen charity - The breakfast club in Year 11 and RSPCA for Year 12.

The Careers staff would like to thank all of the families that supported the events students ran and the students who worked tirelessly to make something from nothing. A massive congratulations to the winning team; Alexis Young, Kristin Hodson, Jack Griffin, Dylan Richardson and Kate Alexander who put on a wonderful Girls Night in for mothers and daughters, profiting over $150.

We love to see our students having oppurtunities to develop the skills they will need to succeed in the world beyond our College walls.

2016 was a wonderful and exciting year for the Careers and VET. Last year The Lakes College enabled nine students to gain certificate qualifications, three to participate in TAFE at school, two engage in internships and one to complete a University subject. 2017 is shaping up to be our biggest year to date with another 15 students looking to study certificates across a range of vocational areas.

Careers Expo

The Careers Expo is an annual event at the College allowing students to gain an in depth knowledge of the different institutions and companies for their future education and work. The College held their first annual careers expo in 2016 with 14 institutions from around Queensland attending the day. Students were exposed to Universities, TAFE, Defence recruiting and Apprenticeship organisations. This year is expected to be bigger than last year and will be held on 17 May from 9am-1.30pm. Some of the attendees will include QUT, ACU, the Defence force, TAFE and USC. More information to come.

Careers Class

In addition to the extra certificates, internships and TAFE courses, a Careers class for Year 11 and 12 students extend the students’ knowledge weekly. The class goes into detail about study tactics, moving out, tertiary studies applications, 21st century skills and life skills. Each term has a different focus to ensure students are equipped with the skills they require to leave school.

Year 10 Work Experience

This year students in Year 10 will be participating in a work experience program as part of their Set Planning process. This will occur during the final week of Semester 1 from Monday 12 June through to Friday 16 June. This will be the first time that The Lakes College will be running a work experience program within the Year 10 curriculum. We are excited to develop this program and ensure Year 10 are making educated decisions for their senior subjects, as well as developing real world skills and experience.


Oxbridge Academic Program:

The Lakes College students may apply to the Oxbridge Academic Program in 2017.

Oxbridge Academic Programs, an organisation that, for 32 years, has brought thousands of bright, enthusiastic eighth-through-twelfth grade students in Oxford, Paris, Cambridge, Barcelona, Montpellier, New York, St Andrews, Los Angeles and Boston. Students attend an Oxbridge campus and experience education in one of their facilities. The students meet professors, attend workshops and live on campus.

Students and staff eat breakfast together, exchange ideas, and gear up for the day ahead. As the meal ends, everyone hurries off to their Major classes. Of course, for many, the classroom that day might be a local museum, a research lab, the market square, or a nearby park. Some days, the teacher’s expertise is supplemented by discussions, workshops, and demonstrations run by visiting guest speakers, professionals at the top of their field. After the Major there is a brief lunch break. Students use this time to explore their city and discover places that tourists might miss. Perhaps the artisan boulangerie just down the road, or the local deli two blocks over. Three days a week, there is a Minor class/Workshop in the afternoon. This can be an opportunity to study something you’ve never studied before, but have always been curious about, or to delve even deeper into your Major field by taking a related course.

For a brochure please visit the following website: http://www.oxbridgeprograms.com/Portals/0/Docs/Bro...

For more details visit the following website: http://www.oxbridgeprograms.com/AboutUs/FoundersWe...

University of the Sunshine Coast Leadership Day

Year 12 leaders will have the oppurtunitty to attend a leadershsip day at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Leadership Days is an exciting leadership initiative introduced in 2016 for Year 11 and 12 senior school leaders and school captains.

A motivational keynote and leadership workshops will empower and inspire school leaders from across our communities. Students will participate in team building activities, meet fellow student leaders and discuss their influential roles that they can play both within their schools and their local community.

2016 Student Achievements

Congratulations to all students who worked diligently last year to complete modules, reports, work experience and courses. The College would like to extend a thank you to the course coordinators, College of Health & Fitness, TAFE, Wesley Hospital and Universities.

  • Certificate III in Dance - Ali Sinclair
  • Certificate III in Fitness - Sarah Muscari, Brad Carter, Rylee Smith, Adam Tocknell, Jack Griffith and Helena Williams
  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Phoebe Coyer
  • Certificate IV in Justice - Savannah Schuller
  • Internship – Wesley Hospital - Ty Walker
  • Enhanced studies program at University - Phoebe Coyer
  • TAFE at School
  • Bianca Sinclair (Cert III Early Childhood Education)
  • Samuel Russell (Cert III Telecommunications)
  • Jonathon McDonald (Cert I in Construction)