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Queensland Certificate of Education

The QCE is Queensland’s senior school qualification awarded at the end of Year 12. Every young Queenslander must be registered with the QCAA during the year before their compulsory participation phase begins. To be eligible for a QCE a student must be successful in a significant amount of learning and meet minimum literacy and numeracy requirements. The total amount of learning required is at least 20 credits, which can be achieved by achieving a ‘sound’ grade in five subjects.

However, other learning, such as music or dance exams, a school-based traineeship, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or a university ‘Headstart’ program, also attract credits and may contribute to meeting the 20 credit minimum. The literacy and numeracy requirements are met by achieving ‘sound’ grades in both English and Maths (any Maths subject), or achieving a ‘C’ result on the Queensland Core Skills Test.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority keeps track of each student’s individual learning account. Credits are ‘banked’ in the learning account as studies are completed. If the requirements for awarding the QCE are not met at the end of Year 12, the learning account remains open and credits can be earned for post-school learning for a further seven years.

The QCE is not linked in any way to the OP. A student may receive an OP without being eligible for a QCE, or be awarded a QCE without being eligible for an OP.