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Alternate Pathways

The Lakes College has partnerships with a number of Vocational Education and Training providers to enable students to pursue a variety of post-school options and careers. Some of the courses are delivered in school, while other courses are studied externally. Students are supported by teaching staff through the completion of their chosen courses.

Courses currently studied internally include:

  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate II, III and IV in Dance
  • Certificate II in Furnishing Pathways

The College has the flexibility to support a range of other course options, depending on student needs.

In addition to the certificates offered, the College also supports students to study external certificates where it is appropriate for the student and is able to be managed in conjunction with the student’s other school subjects.

Primarily this has been achieved through the TAFE@School program where students attend classes at TAFE one day per week and attend regular school classes the rest of the week.

For example a Year 11 student may choose 5 school subjects (students are to select 6 subjects) and select a TAFE@School option for their 6th subject. This means that the student will be timetabled on 5 school subjects and in place of their 6th subject their timetable will show they have study classes. Students will be able to access their teachers as support for their study line.

Although this arrangement allows students to study a wider variety of certificate subjects, it is highly recommended that students and families seek personal advice from the VET Coordinator and their in school Academic Mentor prior to committing to this pathway.

To discuss any TAFE@School or other external certificate option please contact the VET Coordinator and arrange a face to face meeting.