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The Arts

The Lakes College provides all students with opportunities to participate in and enjoy self-expression through music, drama, art and dance. There is a strong focus on performance and display of talent.


Music at The Lakes College is an engaging program of classroom, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. All students in Prep - Year 6 participate in a classroom Music lesson each week conducted by a Specialist Music Teacher. The Classroom Music Program is Kodaly-based, having a focus on in-tune singing, the importance of beat, and rhythm recognition. From Year 7 Music is taken as an elective. The Music Elective program is genre based (styles of music), and students will make music (composition and performance) and actively respond to their developing artwork and the artworks of others by drawing on the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired through their experiences in making music.

The Lakes College has a rich co-curricular and extra-curricular music program. Most of our students commence their instrumental journey in the compulsory Year 3 Strings Immersion program. Students undergo a careful instrument selection process with our highly qualified staff, and are given the opportunity to learn violin, viola, cello or double bass in weekly lessons. In Year 4, the selection is broadened to include woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, or students can elect to continue studies on their string instrument.

Many of our students go on to excel on their instruments beyond the Immersion Programs or choose to start their journey earlier than Year 3 through Music Studio. Music Studio offers all students from Prep - Year 12 Private and Small Group Tuition in Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Piano, Guitar and Vocals. Private Tuition offers the highest level of Music Tuition allow students to progress to their full potential at a rate that suits their own personal journey. We recommend private lessons for students who are interested in AMEB examinations, Secondary Music pathways (e.g. Music as an elective and Music Extension in Year 12) through to Tertiary music study. Small Group Tuition offers high quality tuition to students in all year levels, but with the addition of social and cooperative learning. Although AMEB examination is not recommended through this path it is still possible to progress through these levels and syllabi.

The Lakes College Core Ensembles include Concert Bands (for Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments), String Ensembles (for String instruments) and Choirs. The Core Ensembles are the flag-ships of The Lakes College music program. Instrumental Music Students are selected to participate in our Core Ensembles based on their ability and their current participation in Instrumental Music Lessons, whether at The Lakes College or from an external teacher.

For more information about being involved in The Lakes College music program, please contact us at music@thelakes.qld.edu.au.

Visual Art

Visual Art provides opportunities for self-expression through a variety of mediums. All students in the Primary School engage in art lessons with specialist Visual Art staff that nurture creativity and display student talent. Art becomes an elective from Year 7 with specialist facilities provided.

In Year 7 - 10, students make and respond to artworks and refine their artistic skills. The exploration of a visual composition and concept is brought to life through the process of journaling. Each term students explore a new art style, different art media and techniques and relevant inspirational artists. Resolved artworks are created through a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional medias such as: lino, dry-point and stencil printing, photography, painting and drawing media, clay, wire and paper sculpture, paverpol and textiles media. Students respond to their own and others artworks through written reflections, artwork analysis and artist statements.

In the Senior school, Year 11 students research, develop, resolve and reflect in the form of experimental folios. In Year 12 students practise their strengths and explore their creativity to develop a Body of Work. The curriculum teaches creative thinking, problem solving, analytical and conceptual thinking, literacy, numeracy, research skills, as well as skill development through the exploration of a variety of arts media. Visual Arts is a relevant and engaging course which better prepares students for the visual world and a possible career in the Creative Industries.


In Drama, students explore and depict real and fictional worlds through use of body language, gesture and space to make meaning as performers and audience. They create, rehearse, perform and respond to drama.

In Year 7 and 8 Drama is a core elective, with every student studying it for one term. The subject is core because it helps students with their confidence, articulation and self awareness. In one term they work in groups to form an idea, write a script and perform. Drama then becomes an elective for all other grades. Students in this program engage in three assessment pieces a semester, forming task, presenting assessment and an analytical essay. These tasks engage students in cognition, imagination and involves them thinking kinasthetically, critically and creatively.

Senior students attend two external shows each year, practitioners attend the school to run workshops in various grades and a professional company performs annually at the College allowing the classes to fully immerse themselves in the craft. Outside of the classroom, there is a drama club consisting of students from Year 7-12. They work together to refine their performance skills and compete at the local eisteddfod. This team develops their skills in drama, as well as their skills in team work, spacial awareness and projection.


Dance at The Lakes College is an innovative, rigorous and exciting program delivered through the College curriculum in Primary School, as an elective in the Secondary School and available to all students as an extra-curricular activity.

The Primary Curriculum, delivered by both general and specialist teachers, aligning itself under the ACRA framework has movement exploration at the forefront. With a focus on developing coordination, fine motor skills, rhythm, as well as a love for music and movement, students gain awareness of how to communicate and express themselves non-verbally and develop a unique personal style. All Primary students are offered opportunities to perform through various College events throughout the year.

The Secondary curriculum provides a far more rigorous approach where students develop and refine skills under the areas of making and responding with the intention of working towards senior dance as an ATAR eligible subject. Students explore many dance genres through cultural, social and historical perspectives, broadening their experiences by performing and choreographing and developing appreciation of the art form through responding and questioning dance works. The focus in this curriculum is to develop students as artists by reflecting on their own voice and how they wish to communicate this to the world through dance. For relevance in the 21st Century, this program develops students critical and creative thinking whilst encompassing both the viewing and participation of industry current workshops and performances.

As part of the growing Secondary Curriculum, VET (vocational educational pathways) are also available to students in Years 9 and up through our curriculum program, combined with the TLC Dance Troupe and in partnership with our external RTO (Registered Training Organisation) Empower Dance. Students can elect to study a Certificate II / III or IV in Dance alongside the normal Dance curriculum and their TLC Dance Troupe (see below) training. The certificate programs provide additional variety for students, allowing for individual pathways and outcomes and delve into broad areas of the industry including: nutrition, teaching, choreographing, theatre knowledge, creative industries, conditioning, hair and makeup and auditioning.

Additionally, Dance at The Lakes College is more widely known for the highly successful and renowned TLC Dance Troupe (dance excellence program). This extra-curricular program is open to all students via audition and focuses on elite technical and expressive training for students who wish to excel in the dance field, or gain employment in the industry. Students are mentored as part of their role in the team and gain a range of life-long skills including: organisation, commitment, perseverance, work-ethic, compassion, and positive ethical behaviours. These teams ultimately teach students important skills of collaboration and teamwork whilst continuing to be innovate, engaging and exciting.

Included in the Lakes College Dance program is a love of dance session. This program is for those students who aren’t quite ready for the commitment of Troupe, or who wish to participate in a non-commitment activity. This programs caters for all abilities with a once a week session. Students gain additional insight into the art of creating and learning dance in a non-competitive, ‘fun’ based environment and is for students wishing to participate in a physical, movement-based activity.

For more information about being involved in The Lakes College Dance Program, please contact us at enrol@thelakes.qld.edu.au.

Media Arts

In Media Arts, students use communications technologies to creatively explore, make and interpret stories about people, ideas and the world around them. They engage their senses, imagination and intellect through media artworks that respond to diverse cultural, social and organisational influences on communications practices today.

This subject is only available from Year 7-9 but is a very popular elective in all of those grades. They will film, photograph, create and explore the world of media. Students will explore both what is presented and how it is created. Units include event management, claymation, short stories, music videos and advertising.