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Our school chaplaincy program exists to provide pastoral care for The Lakes College students, staff and families and is an integral part of the holistic educational program offered to our students.

Our College Chaplain, coordinates the Pastoral Care and Student Support Services Program for students, and Wellbeing Committee for staff which has as its core the Uniting Church in Queensland mission statement, Together on the way, enriching community.

The College’s pastoral care structure aims to provide individualised care for students, opportunities for developing student leadership, peer support and a real sense of belonging and community. Each of these factors contributes to producing well-rounded, positive young adults and good citizens for the wider community. All members of the student body must feel valued and important so that they are happy and therefore able to strive for academic excellence, to progress in all areas of personal growth and to reach their full potential in all respects.

The UCA Christian foundation of the College is evident in the way we care for our students, and it also provides a philosophical framework that encourages the students to care for each other, thereby promoting student leadership, citizenship and community awareness. The pastoral care structures and programs will cater for all students, not just those experiencing difficulties for a time and it also provides students with avenues for self-expression and success outside of the classroom.

The Chaplaincy Program at The Lakes College is partly funded through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program funding program.